Winwa Medical Sdn Bhd. is a wholly Malaysian owned pharmaceuticals and complementary product manufacturer and marketer of own branded products and contract products. We dedicate ourselves to research, develop and successfully market specialized and innovative products to promote healthy, happy and longer life. We strive to work as a team to increase customer benefits and reward those who invest their time and efforts in our company.

The first original range of products consists of toothache powder and antiseptic lotion under the brand of Double Red Bird. Our growing resources and knowledge led us to develop and market a wider range of pharmaceutical and complementary products meet our goals.

1964 - the company was established by our company President, Mr. Chan Pik Kim as an OTC products wholesaler.

1987 - the company obtained its GMP status from the Ministry of Health Malaysia and started to manufacture its own range of products.

1993 - the company embarked on an expansion and modernisation plan to upgrade its existing manufacturing facilities in order to increase its production capacity to meet the growing demand for its products.

1996 - the company moved into it newly-built GMP plant located in Bukit Minyak Industrial Estate, a non-polluted industrial area approved by authority for small and medium industry only.

2003 - the company undergone another major expansion and redevelopment program to expand its existing manufacturing facilities to increase production capacity in order to meet the increasing demand of its quality products.

2005 - the newly-builded 3 storey- facilities went into full operation and has been approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. The new manufacturing plant conforms to the requirement of GMP in accordance to the current Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S) GMP Guides.

The major expansion of our manufacturing facilities and the addition of advanced equipments will significantly improve the production capacity and increase the efficiencies which provide the company a platform for continous growth. This is an exciting step in the future growth of our company and enables us to strengthen our position in the OTC pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

With the second generation of Chan family and a team of young and qualified professionals, Winwa Medical Sdn Bhd, look to the future with greater expectations. Our team here is sure that the company has the resources and abilities to meet the expectations of our loyal customers and healthcare professionals.


Winwa Medical Sdn Bhd is also involved in contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and complementary products for Malaysia and overseas markets. Our commitment in providing safe, effective and quality products are what our customers value most and they can be assured that their products are manufactured in our new GMP guidelines. We offer and share our experience and skills in manufacturing of various solid dosage form, liquid, cream, ointment and also repacking services and are flexible to accomodate the different batch sizes to meet our customer needs.

In addition, we are also on hand to provide further assistance to our customers. These supportive services include validation study, stability study, research and development, formulation, product registration, analytical testing, microbiological limit test and raw material sourcing and packaging design. With our strong sales and marketing team that covers all the primary distribution channels throughout Malaysia, we are able to offer our customers especially our overseas customers who want to expand into the Malaysian market. Our existing supply chain management will enabled our customers to quickly distribute their products onto the market which will save them time and lower their costs.


Our export market is growing gradually as the trust and co-operation with our overseas customers become stronger. Our ability to meet their requirements and our commitment to ensure on-time deliver of quality products are greatly valued by our existing customers. Our range of products available for export covers a few different therapeutic groups such as anti-infectives, analgesic, gastrointestinal, respiratory, cough and cold, vitamins and minerals and herbal preparations.


The production of pharmaceuticals and complementary products are carried our at our new GMP manufacturing plant which is equipped with advanced manufacturing equipments and latest technologies to strictly control and monitor the manufacturing environment in accordance with PIC/S GMP guidelines. Production environment is controlled centrally and monitored continuously by the latest building management system (BMS). The purified water used for the production of our products in the manufacturing facilities are generated from a double-pass reverse osmosis (RO) water system to ensure it meets the requirements. It is important to monitor continuously on both the manufacturing environment and the purified water supply around the clock to prevent the presence of microbiological or cross-contamination from happening which may severely affect the safety and quality of the finished products.


Production line are strictly monitored and controlled to ensure that each process is performed according the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in a safe and clean environment. Furthermore, each product is continuously tested and analysed throughout the whole manufacturing process to monitor and ensure that it meets our internal quality requirements and product specifications in accordance to PIC/S GMP guidelines.


At Winwa Medical Sdn Bhd., we manufacture a wide range of products ranging from pharmaceuticals to complementary products. We are proud of the quality of our products and see that as our greatest strength and it is also greatly valued by our local customers. We have invested an extensive amount of resources in our quality control department with highly advanced analytical equipments which have been validated and other sophisticated software to enable our qualified and skillful team of chemists to perform their tasks confidently to ensure that the quality of our products are of the highes possible standard.


Research and development at Winwa Medical Sdn Bhd. has always been given a priority as we strongly believe that we must continue to develop better products that will promote healthy, happy and longer life. To improve and keep up with the level and depth in various researches, we often work closely with our suppliers, specialised research organisations and international corporations to broaden our knowledge and insight into the areas of product research and development.

Our commitment to research and development is never-ending and we continue to quest for excellence in providing new and innovative quality products and will remain as one of our main driving force to maintain our success in this exciting healthcare industry.


Throughout our long history in this industry, we will always keep our commitment to identify the needs of our customers and constantly focus our effort and resources to satisfy those changing needs. Many of our established relationships with our customers are built on trust and mutual and confidential basis. We continue to deliver excellent customer services and work close with our customers from various distribution channels to capitalize on emerging market opportunities.

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