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The Malaysian Organisation of Pharmaceutical Industries (MOPI) was incorporated on March 6th 1981, as a company limited by guarantee, by eight local, foreign and joint venture companies involved in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products.

MOPI membership is open to all manufacturers of pharmaceutical products whose manufacturing facilities in Malaysia are licensed by the Drug Control Authority, Ministry of Health. All Associate Membership category is also available on application.

MOPI's original membership of eight has grown to the current 42. All major pharmaceutical manufacturers in the country are members of MOPI.

Main Activities

  • MOPI, in co-operation with the government and
    other relevant bodies, represents the interests
    of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Promotion and development of the pharmaceutical
  • Foster closer co-operation among members of the
  • Facilitate and encourage the development,
    exchange and transfer of information and
    technology, domestically and internationally.
  • Promote and facilitate orderly trade in life science

Strategic Role

The MOPI members collectively produces about 35%
of Malaysia’s medicine requirements. In terms of
product range, MOPI members collectively have
the capability to manufacture more than 80% of the
products in the National Essential Drugs List of

To a large extent, MOPI’s existence has been a
medium and catalyst for the rapid development and
capitalization of the local pharmaceutical industry
during the last decade.

It has evolved into a modern and sophisticated sector
of the Malaysian economy, one that is capable of
producing a wide range of products in compliance with
the PIC/S standards of Good Manufacturing Practice.

MOPI has also taken on the role of training personnel
in the industry in the latest GMPand technologies
evolving in the industry.

Having invested in high-technology machinery and
equipment and formalized training, MOPI members
now have the capability to manufacture a wide range of
products including large and small volume injectables,
novel drug delivery systems, high technology testing
and analytical equipment to meet internationally
accepted standards of quality assurance.

Research and development is another key area for
MOPI members. The focus areas are product
development, formulation improvement, dosage
fabrication and novel drug delivery systems which
are carried out either in-house or in collaboration with
tertiary institutions in the country.

Affiliations & Representations

ASEAN Pharmaceuticals Club
MOPI represents the Malaysian pharmaceutical
industry in the ASEAN Pharmaceutical Industry Club,
an organization which it had helped to form under the
ASEAN Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention (PIC)
Malaysia is a member of Pharmaceutical Inspection
Cooperation Scheme, PIC/S Service.

Dialogues with Ministry of Health and National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau
MOPI also holds regular dialogues with the Health Ministry and the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau to resolves issues affecting the industry.

Dialogues with Ministry of International Trade & Industry
Since 1984, MOPI has acted as representative for
the Malaysian pharmaceutical industry in the annual
dialogues with the Ministry of International Trade and

Dialogues with Ministry of Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs
MOPI participates in the annual dialogue representing
the industry on matters pertaining to intellectual property
and consumer protection.


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