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Required documents:

  1. Photocopy of Business Registration Certificate / Certificate of Incorporation / Form 49
  2. Photographs of Factory (Exterior / Interior)



Turnover (RM) Entrance Fee (RM) Annual Fee (RM)
15 mil. 2,500 2,500
15 mil. ~ 50 mil. 5,000
Above 50 mil. 7,500

Please issue payment to "Malaysian Organisation of Pharmaceutical Industries" upon approval.

We, hereby apply to become a Member of the Malaysian Organisation of Pharmaceutical Industries (MOPI) and, if elected, agree to be bound by the Memorandum & Articles of Association and Rules of the Organisation for the time being in force.

Applicant to submit online or fax the membership form (to MOPI Secretariat) need to send required documents by POST to support their application in order for approval.

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